Our Mission

Twenty 4 Change is about giving. Our goal is to bring the gift of charity to others by giving $20 or 20 minutes to make someone else's life better. This can range from providing a random act of kindness to using your $20 as seed money to start a foundation that changes the world. ​Share your stories with us.







Levels of Change

Impacting someone's life can be done in various ways. No matter what you choose you will be making a difference.

Just Give

Random acts of kindness

Personal Reasons

Creative Giving

Change the World 

Connect with Us

$20 or 20 minutes to change a life.  You never know how you truly impact those around you.  

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Stories to Inspire

Personal Meaning

Adrian's Cape...A superhero's story

Creative Giving

Valentine's Day is about expressing how you feel to others. Read about a creative way that one student inspired a whole class to sacrafice a little to give a lot!

Personal Meaning

Sometimes things that are so simple can mean so much. A simple two liter of soda made somebodies day on cold Minnesota evening. 

 Just Give

I helped feed the homeless! It was truly a moving experience. Each night across America more than 1 million children have no place to call home. Coachella Valley Rescue Mission works towards helping those in need.