Our Mission

Twenty 4 Change is about giving. Our goal is to bring the gift of charity to others by giving $20 or 20 minutes to make someone else's life better. This can range from providing a random act of kindness to using your $20 as seed money to start a foundation that changes the world. ​Share your stories with us.







Levels of Change

Impacting someone's life can be done in various ways. No matter what you choose you will be making a difference.

Just Give

Random acts of kindness

Personal Reasons

Creative Giving

Change the World 

Stories to Inspire

Personal Meaning

Adrian's Cape...A superhero's story

Creative Giving

Valentine's Day is about expressing how you feel to others. Read about a creative way that one student inspired a whole class to sacrafice a little to give a lot!

Connect with Us


TOGETHER WE WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE. Share your giving stories with us and we will feature them on the site. Include a picture if possible!


‹Location: Indio, CA 




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Personal Meaning

Sometimes things that are so simple can mean so much. A simple two liter of soda made somebodies day on cold Minnesota evening. 

 Just Give

I helped feed the homeless! It was truly a moving experience. Each night across America more than 1 million children have no place to call home. Coachella Valley Rescue Mission works towards helping those in need. 

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