The woman behind Twenty4Change:

Allison Cyr


I started Twenty 4 Change after receiving a very special tip as I was waitressing my way to a teaching credential. This tip inspired me to start a movement. Here is my story. 


Back in August  2013, I was called into work early. I was asked to serve a boy that Red Robin was hosting for the “Make a Wish” foundation. Who would have thought that something as simple as eating a hamburger and fries would be a little boy's last wish. For this boy who came from a very poor family it meant the world. 


Before the boy left the volunteers stayed behind and told me that this little boy and his family would never forget the experience. She told me that the boy had stage 4 cancer and was only given a couple more weeks to live. Before she left she handed me a $20 bill. I had tears in my eyes and told her I couldn’t accept it. She told me that I had done a great job and to put it towards something I really wanted. 


With that I came up with the idea “Twenty 4 Change.” I still have the $20 in my waitressing book from that day back in August. Before every shift at Red Robin I look at it. It is my constant reminder to try to do something that will help someone else. 


Shortly after I came up with the idea, my friend’s nephew was diagnosed with cancer. At the age of 3 he is fighting like a superhero! He has his good days and his bad days but is not giving up. I decided to make a Toy Story superhero cape for him that could also double as a blanky. I took $20 and bought the supplies. I also made one for his mom and dad. It was amazing to see the joy on his face in the midst of all he was going through. To me that is the essence of what Twenty for Change is all about.


God Bless.  


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Thank you Nathan Manderfield for being my master teacher while I was doing my student teaching and  giving me the courage to initally start my idea. Although my idea has evolved and changed over the years, I thank you for giving me the confidence to take my idea and run with it.   


                                             Ambassadors of Change.
Please Share your stories with us. Together we can inspire everyone to give Twenty 4 Change.