About 2.5 years ago, Greg was in an ATV accident. Although I did not know Greg and the Murphy family, we had mutual friends. Over the next 2.5 years my classes have written letters, sent care packages, and little videos to hopefully brighten their day.

What was not expected from all of this was the friendship that was formed in a very unlikely way. This family has kept their faith and has taught my classes over the last couple of years what it means to have courage and to never give up no matter how tough the situation. Shannon sent me the video of Greg walking across his graduation stage. I recorded my students (both past and present) reactions. I watched my students cheer and cry with excitement as they were able to watch one of God’s miracles. Although there is still a long road ahead, nothing is impossible...it really just goes to show that you are always one moment away from a breakthrough and to never give up.

This summer I had the opportunity to fly to Missouri and actually meet and spend time with the Murphy family...the amount of love, strength, and faith that this family has is unbelievable. What set out to be a project of making a family smile, has turned into a life lesson of how God puts people in our lives. They not only have changed my students’ lives, but mine. I didn’t know how much I needed this family in my life, until I stepped off the plane. Life isn’t always beautiful, but out of an unfortunate accident came a beautiful story of friendship...one I can’t imagine my life without.

My students think the Murphy family (Greg Murphy, Shannon Murphy, Jim Murphy, Angie Short Murphy) are superheroes...and they are that along with so much more. I am counting the days to go back to Missouri...until then...love from California, Allison Cyr...we are #MurphyStrong61

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