Làm cho một người bạn. Making a Friend

My 7th grader son Zack seems to always be on his phone. So, I'm the one constantly telling him to put it down! But last week I was speechless when he told me about using his phone at school. He has a new student in one of his classes from Vietnam. She speaks little to no English. Zack decided to download a translation app for his phone so he could talk to her! I was so proud of him for making that effort. Now he has taken it even farther. He has spent 3 lunch breaks in the classroom with her, using his app, to help her with schoolwork. They have become fast friends and she has thanked him many times over. He said it makes him feel good to help her. Giving up his lunch break time he could spend goofing off & playing with his friends, to help a new student he could barely speak to a couple weeks ago? Now that's definitely what I call a Twenty 4 Change!! Go Zack!

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