"It didn't just help her, it helped me!"

Last weekend I was at the Narrow Door with my family. The first Saturday of each month we hand out boxes of food to the poor and offer them a prayer. Ever since Twenty 4 Change started I have been looking for some way to give. My family have been good about helping and being supportive but I wanted to do something as well. So while we were were handing out boxes all I could think about was Twenty 4 Change and who to give the twenty to. So after we were done we went up to Dave our event organizer and asked him if anyone stood out and needed our twenty. He said that a women was sick and just couldn't shake it. She lived alone and her job was her only way to money, and soon she wouldn't be able to work cause of her sickness. We decided she needed our twenty dollars. Dave was really nice so he gave us twenty dollars. Now we could give the women forty dollars. So after that we gave her the forty dollars and a Twenty 4 Change card she seemed so grateful. After that I learned that giving was a great thing not just a project but it was something we should all do. And when I gave her the money I felt like twenty for change didn't just help her it helped me.

Collin Dougles 4th Grader

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