Let's Buy a Cow!

It all started when a group of three fifth grade girls approached me while I was on recess duty. They said that they had heard of Twenty 4 Change and they wanted to help. I asked them what they wanted to do and they responded, "Help the poor." I began to meet with this group regularly. We decided we wanted to buy a cow through Heifer International. The cow cost $500, but would provide much needed sustainability in a developing country. We all brainstormed various ways to raise the money. We settled on three main sources of revenue. We would have Moo-ney jars that could collect loose change. We would have an Udderly Ridiculous Recycling Bin that would recycle plastic bottles. Finally, we would tap into the craze of Rainbow Looming Bracelets and make 100 cow themed bracelets to sell during lunch. The three girls then presented their ideas to the principal. He was fully supportive of this grass roots effort and off we went. The Friday before Spring Break about 25 students brought their Rainbow Loom bracelet makers to room 805 for a "looming party." 45 minutes later they had made 95 cow themed Rainbow Loom bracelets. It was now time to advertise. The girls along with many of their classmates made signs, spoke with classes, and drummed up support for the COW! Rumors were quickly spreading that we were soon going to have a cow roaming the soccer fields at Monroe. We even had parents wondering if it was safe to have a cow on campus. Of course they were just a little confused regarding all this fuss about a cow. The amazing thing was the whole school was pitching in. Students were bringing in plastic bottles from home, others were having lemonade stands to bring in change, still others donating their own homemade bracelets to the cause. Slowly we began to see the fruits of our labor as we met our goal in $50 increments. When we started to sell the cow themed bracelets the response was overwhelming. In three days we had completely sold out and had more than enough to purchase the cow! A family in Africa was about to get a cow, a school was energized, but more importantly three 11 year olds learned the valuable lesson that they could really make a difference in their worlds!

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