A Smashing Good Deed

Sometimes it is hard to know whether or not you should get involved. Sometimes it is just the right thing to do.I was driving home from the gym. As the light was turning yellow on a major intersection the car next to me decided to stop instead of going through the yellow light. Upon stopping a semi truck carrying a full load of trees tried to stop also. The semi truck rear ended the other car destroying the back end. The light turned red and I was stopped next to the accident. An extremely anxious, yet physically OK 17 year old kid got out of the car. Immediately the semi driver got out and began to swear and threaten the kid whom was rear ended. Not 30 seconds later another man got out of the semi and began to also yell at the kid. I had that moment of decision. The light was about to turn green and I could go on with my day. I rolled down the window and told the two men to stop yelling at the boy only to be yelled at myself. I calmly asked the boy to step over to me and told him to call 911. He pulled out his cell phone that was smashed in the accident. I told him to get in his car and not move and that I would call 911 for him. The light turned green and I went. I pulled into a near by parking lot and called 911. I then went back and stayed with him until the police showed up. I hope that my twenty minutes made a difference for this scared 17 year old in a very stressful situation.

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