Random Act of Kindness

Ever since I heard about the organization Twenty 4 Change I have been looking for an opportunity to present itself. I was browsing Facebook when I came across a post on a local garage sale site from someone who was looking for some cheap scrubs to buy. She said she has been out of work a few months and didn’t have much money to buy new ones (scrubs can be very expensive) and she was starting her new job in a week. Normally, I may have just overlooked this particular post but Twenty 4 Changed popped immediately into my head. I have a few pair of scrubs that not longer fit but are in perfectly good condition and happened to be the right size for this person. So I sent her a personal message saying that she could just have my scrubs as I know first hand how stressful it can be when money is tight. I also offered to drive them over to her house as well as we were unable to find a time to meet. I sent a card that said “All I ask is that someday you pay if forward, Good Luck in your new job!” She was more than grateful for scrubs and I was able to help out someone in need. Its awesome how a Twenty 4 Change mindset can change the world, one small deed at a time.

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