Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the littlest things can change someone's day. Here is a list of little things you can do for complete strangers that just may make the world a little better place. Take your $20 or spend your 20 minutes randomly giving to others and don't forget to tell us all about it so that we can share your story and you can help to inspire others. 

1. Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger


2. Leave a thank you note


3. Hang some money with a note on a vending machine.


4. Pay for the person behind you.


5. Leave toys at a local park for kids.


6. Hold the door for 20 people and smile.


7. Give a parking spot to another.


8. Give your table reservation to another.


9. Tip big and give an encouraging note. 


10. Give a surprise gift.


11. Cook a meal for someone


12. Write get well cards and drop them off at a local hospital


13. Provide a bottled water to someone who works outside.


14. Put extra change in a parking meter.


15. Make up some military care packages and drop them at your local USO.


16. Bake something for someone just because.


17. Bring in treats to work and randomly leave them in a common area. 


18. Tape an envelope to a Redbox, include some money for popcorn, candy, and a drink.



19. Send your favorite teacher flowers.


20. Pay an extra $10 at the gas pump.


21. Visit a lemonade stand.


22. Donate blood.


23. Babysit a friend's kids so they can have date night.


24. Leave a smile card!


25. Put away someone's shopping cart for them.


Here another awesome website with even more ideas! Kindspring.org