Creative Giving

Try to see how creative you can be with your 20. How far can you make it stretch? How can you make your change into change?  Share your creative giving story with us and be featured here!

Remember back to elementary school Valentine's Day. Remember all those small cardboard Valentine cards and all that candy? This past Valentine's Day a fourth grade class took Twenty 4 Change to heart and decided to do Valentine's Day a little differently. Instead to bringing Valentines each student decided to take the money they would have spent on cards and candy and instead brought the money to support great causes. In all they raised $135! Now that's creative.


As that class was reading their Scholastic News they came across a story about Tyler Armstrong. A boy whom at the age of 9 years old has already climbed the highest peak in the Americas. Tyler says he does it to help bring awareness to Deshenne muscular dystrophe, a cause close to his heart. So these same fourth graders decided to support Tyler by going to his website and donating some of that money they had raised. They also shared Twenty 4 Change with Tyler and hope he too will give his 20! To learn more about Tyler or support his cause click HERE!